Built as a resort hotel in 1896, the Glencove Hotel has been a National Registered Historic Place since 1978. Restoration of this classic Victorian Building has been an ongoing task for owners Lawrence and Luciann Nadeau.

The Olde Glencove Hotel was originally built by Nicholas Peterson as a means of support for his wife and their only child Louise.

It served as a popular weeknight-resting place for the drummers (salesmen) who traveled the area to sell their wares to the local merchants from Longbranch to Allyn.

The hotel and the Petersons were held in high regard by the many Tacomans who came by steamboat to spend a quiet weekend and enjoy the famous cooking of Agnes Peterson.

The popularity of the automobile and better roads brought Tacoma and Glencove within easy traveling distance and facilities such as the Glencove Hotel closed.

Since operation ceased in 1930, the building has been utilized as a private residence until Lawrence and Lucian Nadeau decided to open it again as a hotel.

The descendants of Nicholas and Agnes Peterson still reside on the cove close to the beautiful old building built so long ago by a family with an American dream.